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Business Bank Account for Non-US Residents Establish a US business bank account for your US corporation or LLC today.

Great solution for non-US residents. We offer a real business checking account opened with one of the largest banks in the USA.

Since after 9/11 and with the introduction of the Patriot Act by the BUSH administration, it has become EXTREMELY difficult for non-US persons to get a US corporate bank account. This is a simple task for a US citizen, who will be required to provide his or her SSN. Banks may be heavily fined for opening accounts without "sufficiently knowing the customer" and breaking the "KYC (Know Your Customer)" rule. The recent fine levied on one of the US BANKS (name withheld) readily comes to mind. They were fined over a million dollars.

Today we in conjunction with our US Partners offers you this great solution - a real US Business checking account for your US corporation or LLC opened with one of the largest US banks. No SSN required from you. We arrange everything and the account opening is guaranteed!

Once you have a US corporation or LLC, you leave the rest to us.

The solution works flawlessly! The account opening is guaranteed because the signatory is a US person that uses the corporate Tax ID as well as his/her SSN to open a business bank account in your company name.

This service is provided by our US Partners. There is an annual service / retainer fee of $500.00 (optional) if you want to retain us to provide support in managing the bank account from the second year going. Like we said, this is optional. Otherwise you pay only for the account opening. You will have to pay for the US address that we use to open the account for you from the second year.