VCCCheap Scam Info

What is VCCCheap?

VCCCheap offers its customers a safe and reliable virtual credit cards (VCC) that can be used for shopping, address verification, and account activation, without having to expose their financial details such as credit card details every time they make a transaction online. We work hard to avoid frauds and scams.

VCCCheap serves thousands of customers worldwide offering individuals and businesses access to new options and payment networks. Many merchants are using VCCCheap's cards, including partners that provide our services locally as resellers.

Occasionally our good name is used by people posing as VCCCheap agents operating various scams to try to con you. This page highlights potential scams and how to avoid them.

What is “phishing”?

Phishing is a form of online fraud whereby scammers seek to trick a company’s customers into giving them their details.

Phishing unfortunately affects a number of online organizations or online services (including VCCCheap, but also a host of others).

How does it work?

Typically, scammers will send an email and they try to make those emails appear as similar as possible to an official email from a company – using logos, type and colors that will appear familiar to a customer.

These emails will generally suggest that something has happened that requires you to click a link and/or provide personal information. Some of the claims that these emails could make include:

claims that you need to click on a link or your order will not be sent.
claims that if you do not respond, you will not get your order.
claims that any personal or financial information is required.
claims that your card information has been stolen.

It is strongly recommended that you do not click on any links in an email and instead manually paste it in the address bar of your Internet browser. Always check the URL is -


If you do encounter a site or person claiming they represent VCCCheap, or selling any services/goods on behalf of VCCCheap which makes you suspicious in any way, please report it immediately to:

We encourage you to tell us about all suspected scams or frauds. By using VCCCheap and letting us know about any suspicious activity, you can ensure you aren’t put in a risky situation.