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Real USA bank account with Debit Card

Real USA bank account with Debit Card
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Real USA bank account with Debit Card

US Bank Account and US Visa Debit card for Non-US  Residents

Get your Own USA Bank Account + ATM Visa Prepaid Debit card

Non-US Residents can apply! No SSN required!


FDIC insured bank secure Online Account Management..No SSN Required..

Best recommended for a Non-USA Citizen. Accepted for retail purchases anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted..Pay your bills online, by phone or in person... Access to funds 24/7/365 at over 33 million+ ATMs worldwide.. Multi-lingual customer call center available 24/7/365..

Free direct deposit.Free online balance inquiry...Free signature purchases US or international..No cardholder fees for Visa payments to service providers..View your transaction history online free 24/7/365.. Convenient online bill payments and money transfers 24/7/365..Get cashback from merchants & receive ACH or EFT.. Paypal Verification and Paypal Withdrawals..MoneyPak Reload / Free of Charge


Program Fees and Charges

Dollar Amount

ATM Balance Inquiry/Balance Denial


ATM Withdrawal Denial


ATM Withdrawal ( Domestic )

This card offer interesting load and card withdrawal features. You can have as much as US$9,500.00 on it at any one time. However you can withdraw and load as many times as you like. Maximum withdrawal at the ATM is $500 per day.

Requirements :

1/ An official identification

( could be from the United States or your country of origin )( Passport or ID card Scan )

Applying is quite simple. Once you make your payment, we send you a short form asking for some basic info like your name, address, date of birth and your travel Passport number. We would use the info to process your account / Card. You no longer need a US address to receive the card. We can now take care of that and ship to you wherever you are in the world. Once you get Card, just contact us and we will activate the card for your free. We assist you all the way until you start using your card.

We now arrange the US street address needed for your card and EMS / DHL the card to you once ready. This is all part of the cost and why you are paying the above amount. You will spend more if you are to arrange everything yourself. We take the hassles off you.

You just need to place your order for our service.

How long will take to open the account and have my Card?

It takes between 14-21 to get to you wherever you are.

No refund is applicable for lost card by reshipment company.

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